Real Estate Statistics

2019 Statistics for online real estate property ads in Chico Ca.

Accourding to the inventory on Market Trends there were 245 homes for sale and put online on this popular real estate website in the Chico CA area. With a median price of $415,000. The full report can be found here: . This gives a picture of the competition you may face when placing an ad online  for your property for sale. How ever with featured listing options you can give yourself additional advertising rehlm narrowing your field and targeting your potential buyers. Every property for sale in Chico needs a website. ITs simple just take pictures and post them online in an organized maner. Considering the price of a website of this type being $250 or so maybe its something every real estate agent should orchestrate. IF you need a website for your property let us at https://Zeus.Host build it. Prices are low so come get your website.

By Madison on 13 August 2019