Do It Yourself Real Estate

How to sell your house online in 2019

At fist glance this may include online advertising and listings but its a lot more. There are a lot of options to luxury or distinct properties that aren't available to normal run of the mill homes. With out a real estate agent you have to do your market research yourself and come up with a price for your property. This can be done by looking at the competition online, i.e. similar offerings with similar amenities for example but take into consideration that the prices may be inflated hoping for an internet prospect.Classified Real Estate Listing Websites. 

Put your home on the internet. 

Just because without an agent you cant get your property on MLS there are many ways to saturate the internet and get in front of some of those people looking for a new home. These may prove useful they may be a waist of time but you only need one buyer. Also with the various online listing sites they may sell one house really well but not qualify visitors to view your listing enough to actually get a sale. Craigslist is a very good option worth the effort and time. For luxury or distinct properties you can take out an ad in publications for the house or listing if you make the ad with a graphic artist.Once you have a price make your flyers and promotional materials and hang your sign on the property. Flyers by the sign still sell and are a must on some properties. Make your own open house and be there to show your property. Now one knows it like you and perhaps no one can sell it as good as you can. After the sal e you need to follow all the steps for the transaction. Change your answering machine to handle incoming phone traffic and make all your selling appointments.

Do It Yourself Real Estate

Your going to need a property website, one just to display info on the property. I recommend our affordable 5 page website that for a few hundred could display all your photos and specs. Its important to have quality photos and a good design on the site. Some simple designs work well but professionalism sell here.IF you would rather have an agent help you and you don't care about the money you could save by selling your house yourself using the internet then be sure that you get one that will allow you to help in any way, the ultimate sale of your property. 

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By Madison on 16 August 2019